Bridgton Hospital Therapy Services Launches "Fitness Fun" Program for Lakes Region Youth

Bridgton Hospital Therapy Services is proud to announce the launch of its new "Fitness Fun" program. The eight-week program will introduce children in grades three through five to a variety of fun ways to exercise and strategies for making healthy changes in their lives. The program starts on Tuesday, July 11 and will meet every Tuesday through August 29.

"Fitness Fun" will enable children to explore different ways of having fun while being active. Each week of the program will cover a different activity including: yoga, circuit activities, using household equipment, therapy balls, and more. The program also teaches strategies for making healthy changes and ways to relieve stress. Children will fill out a weekly workout log teaching them responsibility and awareness of their choices.

To participate in the program children must have a referral from a primary care physician and complete a physical therapy evaluation to assess their balance, endurance, and strength to determine their eligibility. Children will also be expected to have consistent participation in the group and complete a prescribed weekly home exercise program.

To learn more or to register please call, 207-647-6145.